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On-line Fall application is good for the Fall/Winter/Spring terms. In other words the whole academic year.

** On-line Fall applications open March 15th and close on June 25th deadline date.
** On-line Winter/Spring applications open September 25th and close on November 25th deadline date.

SUMMER SESSION: Only open to students majoring in Teacher Education or related fields. In which case, the student must apply using a paper application, which can be found in the Documents tab of the onnsfa.org website.

Applicants who are applying for the Navajo Nation Teacher Education Program MUST be attending of the following institutions; as well as, take required Navajo Language or Navajo Culture course work from Dine' College.

Arizona State University Dine' College San Juan College Fort Lewis College Northern Arizona University Western New Mexico University University of New Mexico - Gallup Branch University of Northern Colorado Prescott College

If you are not attending one of the above institutions, please submit the Full time or Part time Application.